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Index » Areály » How To Sew Leather On A Home Sewing Machine?

How To Sew Leather On A Home Sewing Machine?

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davidwilliam muž 22.02.2020 14:45:31

As a beginner, most of us failed one time while trying to attempt leather stitching. While you are planning to sew leather on the best sewing machine for beginners, take a moment and confirm all the information regarding this project you have. Let us tell you how you can handle leather like a pro while stitching it for the first time.

Presser's feet:

The first thing that you should have in your mind to sew leather is having a presser foot. If you use regular presser feet then leather will get stuck to it and you have to push and pull the garment. Always use Teflon foot as it will prevent the leather from sticking and it will glide over leather. Ordinary presser feet won’t let you feed leather to a sewing machine.


Stitch Length:

While stitching any of the wallets or bags you need to keep the length of stitches longer than usual. You can choose any of the lengths between 3–3.5” to support the garment. The stitch should be longer than the normal stitch and short than the basting stitch. This will support your garment and it will be easy for you to maintain leather for a long time.



If you are sewing leather from the regular needle then you are making the biggest mistake of your career. You will never be able to sew an accurate project if you don’t have a proper needle. Replace your needle with a heavy-duty needle with a special tip. Keep extra pins in your storage box so in case the needle is breaking, you can replace it with the other one.

Right Thread:

While sewing leather through the good basic sewing machine, use a right thread that can support all your hard work and your finishing won’t be affected. Never use cotton thread while sewing leather always uses nylon and polyester which can be considered as the heavy-duty thread. The finishing of leather looks great once you start stitching it with the right kind of thread.



Another pro tip to keep in mind while you are working with the leather is to use taping instead of pins. Pins will leave its mark and you will regret it later when it will start showing. Always use tape to tame the garment on the table and you can simply remove once you are done with the measurement or cutting process.


Testing and Planning:

No matter what kind of garment you are using, it’s important to check the performance of sewing machine and settings as well on the rough patch. Also plan according to your project, if you are planning to sew the bag then mark the garment and sew it with focus and determination. Leather is not so forgiving so make sure you are dealing with it right.



This is not important to use big sewing machines to sew leather when you can simply use the small sewing machines for beginners to prepare anything you want. With the help of the right sewing model, you can sew multiple layers at one time.

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