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Index » Ostatní » Sonderjyske Verdict vs Aarhus 0:00, 13/08

Sonderjyske Verdict vs Aarhus 0:00, 13/08

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tructuyenbongda muž 12.08.2019 10:24:07

This is the last 5 rounds and Sonderjyske is currently in the top 6 and Aarhus in third place. The Sonderjyske had seven points after two wins and a draw, but Aarhus won a draw after four rounds. Of course, there is no small difference between the two sides in terms of scores and positions.

In addition, when watching truc tuyen bong da Sonderjyske also has the advantage of playing at home in this game. But a quarter of the TL with Sonderjyske's view on bongdanet experts is low, so TL should choose Aarhus. In fact, the Sonderjyske is not so impressive in family games.

To greet the opponent, Sonderjyske has accepted 1/4, he must know the last 4 times and cannot win 3 matches. In addition, the history of the fight is completely opposite to Sonderjyske. According to statistics, they recently had trouble meeting Aarhus and in the last five confrontations with this opponent, they all touched each other.

In general, you will know xem lai tran dau must believe in today's war. In terms of total goals, most matches between the two sides do not exceed two goals, but in the opening scenario, up to 2 3/4 levels of TX matches are held. Both sides are not good at defending last time, creating an interesting scenario.

Experts say: Aarhus (+1/4) all matches Predict the score: 1–2

Nalezené položky: 1 První Předchozí | 1 | Další Poslední

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