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Running… presenting the Behej.com project

behej.com | 23.04.2006 | přečteno: 12154×

Behej.com is a running portal which aims to put together activities around the Czech running scene, mainly for hobby runners. Our goal is to enhance the level of Czech running to a higher level, help to find and link together all who cannot imagine their lives without a running shirt and shoes.

We will feel proud if we manage to discover new Emil Zatopeks, but we want to bring entertainment and knowledge also to those for whom running will stay only as a way of relax and an escape from the current overworked life.

We really seek the top duality of our articles and events but no one is an expert for everything and we therefore will welcome your critical voices, advice and help. 

Should you have any question to running use the free of charge consultancy of Milos Skorpil, a respectable ultramarathoner and a coach – which is also an expert of Behej.com. Should you want a one-on-one approach, there is a paid eTraining available for you.

Together with our business partners we want to expand the offer of cheaper purchase of running articles, we will be publishing reviews and tests and remind you about new items in running shops.

Our task is to inform and amuse. More than one thousand of runners has an account at the forum and debates over news from the running world or agree on joint runs if they live nearby.

You will find numerous running races in our race calendar so you can design a race plan according to your preferences. You can also enter the details of your own race should you organise it.

We are proud that just one year after our birth and mainly thanks to your votes, Behej.com was nominated for the award The crystal magnifier by www.lupa.cz server whose main task is to present exceptional internet pages.

Please write us your questions or comments to behej@behej.com

Enjoy the beauty of running and Behej.com

Behej.com team